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Subject: RE: Re: [CR]Masi vs Waterford-Very Insightful , Garth
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Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2001 08:00:54 -0700

Ever see a Waterford W-13?

Waterfords are beautiful and desireable because of the elegance of their simplicity.

Chrome is bad ... it destroys frames, and gets ugly real fast. If you want that look, use stainless steel lugs.

The Waterford decals, like the Paramount decals of old are also elegant and simple.

But I'll agree that Waterford needs a nice headbadge ...

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>Date: 9/5/01 2:35:31 AM
>I will make a profound statement next. The reason the Waterford is less
>desirable than the Masi to our humble group has nothing to do with ride,
>quality of build, alignment or reputation. The lack of any chrome plating,
>pantographing, fancier paint and most important; decals that please the eye
>hold this machine back. A sporty headbadge would not hurt either. I feel
>that a Waterford with old time Guercoitti(sic) or Masi style transfers would
>be easier to sell today and much more desirable later.