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Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2001 11:00:04 -0700

Funny thing however, a Mr. Ken Denny was a particularly ferocious bidder on classic bike components listed on Ebay! Hey is sitting on a veritable hoard of cool stuff and when HE sells, he uses the last Ebay trade as a fixing from which his asking price is established.

In my opinion if someone wants to auction an item in the interest of getting the best price, that's OK. If such items are offered to the list first (this list being the conduit to the individuals most interested in such an item) that's a courtesy only, not a requirement.

Ebay is the marketplace of truth and of course lets us find the one buyer who will pay the highest price for an item. HOWEVER, it's an resource for both the buyer and the seller and using it as such is no crime. Ken simply wants to bypass the system, I suspect for his own gain.

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Subject: Re: [CR]e-bay "outing"

> Art:
> I agree with Ken on this one. When you "out" something listed on eBay, the
> price goes up.
> Rick (SHHHHHHHHH) Chasteen, Kansas City
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> > After I posted the message on the older cyclo derailleur on e-bay I
> received the following message from a K. Denny.
> >
> > Please don't "out" this stuff to the world. there are many of us who
> > > search long and hard to find such items, only to have the process
> > > shortcutted by this kind of act.
> >
> > Did I err in bringing an item like this to the group's attention? I
> thought, having watched what others had contributed, that what I did was ok.
> Is there some unwritten list of collectible bike parts that can't be shared
> with the group if they should show up on e-bay because of their interest to
> specific individuals?
> >
> > Art Smith
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