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Being old enough to have owned some of these vintage machines but having a life that took me in other directions I have no "unrequited" desire for any. Liking bicycles in most all their forms and having ridden for the past 12 years or so that which was ahem, er......... "in style", I have come to road bikes late in life and older road bikes most recently. To my eye the Hetchins Vibrant in all its bodacious colors and forms is the epitome of fun and desirability. I realize that most new collectors are like "pack rats" attracted to the shiniest thing they see and with time a bit more sophistication and discernment brings appreciation for more subtle things. For me right now who needs subtle?

Tom Rawson
Oakland, CA

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What bike is the bike that created the passion you have with vintage bikes. What made it the bike that stirred you to follow the quest? For me it was when I was in Neuchatel Switzerland in 1976. I saw a very ancient Allegro that had parts I had never seen, patina against a back drop of the alps while I was on a solo tour. I am now fotunate to own a 1939 Allegro that looked just like that bike. That started the slow burn. What was yours? Craig Griffith