[CR]FS: Older but nice Campy components

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From: "Frank" <frank121@icok.net>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
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Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2001 19:45:12 -0500
Subject: [CR]FS: Older but nice Campy components

I recently purchased an early 90's bike that had Campy components on it. I have been told by the seller, and by others who have seen the pictures of the components, the components are Campy Chorus 8 speed from the early 1990's. I have pictures available of the components available upon request for interested buyers.

The bike had been used up to when it was sold by the previous owner, and all components were functioning fine when he sold the bike. It is obvious from the true near-new condition of the frame and fork that the owner took great care and pride in his bike. That said, I have no way of knowing any more than that about the components, so they are sold "as is, where is".

So, I have the following components for sale as a lot. I would like to see if there are any acceptable offers for the entire lot before I begin selling them piece by piece this weekend. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


Frank Phillips


*52/42 170mm crankset, good condition with some light scratches from use. Includes bottom bracket, chain, and crankbolts but I have no idea on their condition as bottom bracket and chain are both wrapped up in plastic shipping material.

*Front and rear brake set. These are really pretty. I have never held Campy stuff before but I see why folks rave about their beauty and quality! Brake pads have been replaced with Shimano brake pads.

*Rear derailleur. Appears to be in very good condition mechanically and is certainly very pretty aesthetically.

*Front derailleur. Same as rear derailleur.

*Front and rear downtube shifters in nice condition.

*Mavic GL 330 wheels. 32 spoke w/Campy skewers. Label says "EMR7 Stainless Eyelet. Hard Anodized 650W". 7 speed freewheel and tubular tires included. Tires were pumped up Wednesday and are holding air.

*Campy seatpost. Back of seatpost scratched up from wiggling seatpost in or out of seattube.

*Campy cage-type pedals with leather Campy straps.

*Brake levers. Right lever has some scratches and left rubber hood needs replacing soon, right one could wait a while.

*Cinelli Giro D'Italia 64-40 handlebars. 40cm c-c at end of the bars. Used with some scratches.

*Cinelli 11.5cm stem. Usual marks from use.

*Giardi Regal saddle. White and pretty well worn with copper colored rivets and rails. Missing one of the G's on the rear of the saddle.