Re: [CR]We've Been Attacked for God's Sake...

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Subject: Re: [CR]We've Been Attacked for God's Sake...
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 02:10:44 +0200

I....2nd that!!!...............Can't do the blood thing but I will be sending $$$ to the red cross! Anybody else??

Had many dreams of being on a hijacked flight and what I would do!?!..........''GO...TO...TOWN!!'' ''REALLY PISSED OFF'' and need to let off some ''BIG TIME STEAM!!''

Sorry Dale!...........For the off topic post!..........But this is sick!

Baron Corpuz........Holland

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Subject: [CR]We've Been Attacked for God's Sake...

> Our nation has been attacked, perhaps THOUSANDS of our fellow Americans are
> dead or wounded.
> One would hope we would have the common decency to offer our help, our
> thoughts, our blood (that is in short supply) rather than discussing cogs
> or advanced Ebay bidding techniques for a day or so.
> I would hope we are better than that.
> I hope I'm right.
> scott goldstein
> los angeles
> sept 11, 2001
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