Re: [CR]Whose Wingnuts?

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Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 15:12:56 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]Whose Wingnuts?

Now that's not to say anyone else would pay more at a swapmeet or even this much; I've just never seen this style before & I like the look. (I bid more but noone else did) But it wouldn't surprise me to learn that over on one of the Coasts or Overseas this style of wingnut is considered garden variety.

When I switched from Brit 3spds to ten speed road bikes in spring of '69 wing nuts weren't found on new Schwinn Super Sports or anything else I rode. All I know is what I read on the CR.....and in Retro lit.

But Whose are they? Huret, Simplex, SunTour? Or with my luck lately they may turn out to be Zeus and so not fit any of the axles I have.

No one has yet offered a guess so perhaps they're just Huffys.

It wouldn't matter......I'm convinced I got a good deal from Paulie Toeclips and I look forward to returning the favor. Hey Paulie! Whatcha looking for?

Calvert Guthrie Kansas City

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> My wingnuts. And I had no idea what to ask for
> them! At $12.00 they surpassed my wildest
> expectations. Part of the newbie experience I
> reckon.
> Paulie "In a Fog" Davis
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