[CR]Re: bill ward bicycles

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From: "Tony Zanussi" <merckxslx@hotmail.com>
To: ZZYZXZ@aol.com
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Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 21:25:42 -0400
Subject: [CR]Re: bill ward bicycles

Keith, join the ClassicRendezvous.com newsgroup, and you can get ALL the info you need. Michael Kone is still around, just I am rusty on that info. I CC'd ClassicRendezvous so that other members can direct you appropriately. Go to that website and you will be able to join via Listbot. A truly great website, and source for new info on classic bikes. Bill Ward was awesome for my sourcing, I miss his help.

Tony Zanussi KCMO

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I did not know he retired. I depended on him and michael Kone of bicycle classics for info on vintage bikes. Cannot find either of them. Know any exeperts with the same passion for vintage lightweights? I have a DeRosa, looking for info on the year &c. thanx Keith