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Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 21:56:17 -0400
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Heron Touring, what maybe 180 made, it will be a classic eventually?! I have the figures somewhere, just too busy with the TV reporting to look them up. A Schmidt SON makes total sense, and is affordable if you look at the long term deal. I love mine!

Tony Zanussi Retired Jarhead and do not want my take on what should be done KCMO

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Hi Tony, Nice website! I agree about the SON. It costs as much as a low-end nicad light system, but will last much longer than the nicad battery, never needs charging, and just says "German quality" all over it! Nice shots of the bike too. I saw some Herons at Tullio's in LaSalle, IL. Wonderful lugs, pretty fork crown, etc. Plus it's just a good functional bike, as opposed to all the go-fast racing machines that are destined to never be raced.

cheers, Steve Kurt Peoria, IL

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Elton, I love my SON front, a best buy in my mind! Pay the money and get the best, no compromises in my book! See mine at:


Tony Zanussi