[CR]a quick poem

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Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2001 02:41:07 -0400
Subject: [CR]a quick poem

"Wheels We'll Pass" by Aldo Ross

A lovely ride I had today, On bike made the old fashined way, From steel and lugs, with chrome to spare; It truly sparkles everywhere!

The old brass headbadge on it's prow Is shining brightly even now, Though time has passed, and tarnish found A few small bits, it still looks proud.

These handlebars, which hands have held Before me... stories they could tell! Of summer's days and happy rides Through foothills, or the sea beside.

A time machine which we can use To find old friends, to visit new, And we can ride on this fine day Through woods and valleys, field and glade,

And find a place where we can rest, And do what cylists do the best, And speak of past and future times When others much like you and I

Will ride these bikes from days of old And ponder who before them rode? And you and I will feel them ride And smile with just a little pride.

For we did know that same fine day, And how these folk would pass this way, On our old bikes of chrome and steel, And know the happiness we feel.

Though we shall fade into the past,
This love of ours will never pass.
The bikes we leave behind some day,
Will pass again this happy way.