Re: [CR]Help on cutting a steerer tube

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Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2001 23:21:31 -0400
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Subject: Re: [CR]Help on cutting a steerer tube

Brian Baylis wrote:
>...After cutting the steerer off straight
>using the cheapo steel headset race as a guide, file the cut flat and
>smooth with a respectable file. Then debur the inside of the tube using
>the same 6" half round smooth file to make a shallow but nice bevel.
>Then back off the race and CAREFULLY debur the outside of the cut
>finishing again in a mild bevel. Done once you remove the race.
>However, I've seen far too many butcher jobs when it comes to putting
>the notch in the steerer for the keyed washer. Ideally, it can be hand
>filed starting with a 4" round bastard or 2nd cut file making it just a
>little bit longer than neccessary and tapering the end of the slot into
>the threads gracefully. Once you have a half roundish slot filed, you
>can go in with a square needle file and widen the slot and square the
>edges until your washer slips on and is fairly tight in the slot (in
>otherwords not too sloppy). You may have to go back with a round needle
>file to deepen the slot until the washer goes on then go back and square
>the edges again until everything fits. To final finish the slot,
>carefully file a slight radius on the wall of the slot where it meets
>the bottom on both sides to minimize stress. Make sure your stem goes in
>the proper depth; the stem expander is the slots' worst enemy. Too long
>of a slot is asking for trouble, make it only as long as neccessary.

...and some people wonder why threadless headsets are taking over!

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