Re: [CR]Help on cutting a steerer tube

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Subject: Re: [CR]Help on cutting a steerer tube
Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2001 10:44:25 -0500

Why not just use a pipe cutter? The end of the tube is then dead on straight and you clean up the ridge that is left with a file and emery paper.

Rick Chasteen, Kansas City

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Subject: Re: [CR]Help on cutting a steerer tube

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> << Right now I just plan to run some headset ring on the thing, cut the tube
> with a hack saw, and then use the ring to smooth out the threads as I run it
> off. Sounds too easy, so there must be some detail I've not thought of...
> >>
> Then get a half round file and clean up the inside of the steerer. Then I get
> some aluminium oxide cloth and very carefully go around the top of the
> steerer to ease the sharp edge you will get because you used a new sharp 32
> tooth hack blade. Watch your fingertips! And of course you measured very
> carefully by installing the head set without the locknut making sure you
> weren't cutting it too short. And then you measured again.
> Phil Brown