Re: [CR]Campy SR 2 bolt seatpost

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Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2001 14:02:01 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Tom Dalton" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Campy SR 2 bolt seatpost
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--- David Bilenkey <> wrote:
> Poking around an old shop in town I came across a
> used Campy 2 bolt SR
> (fluted) seatpost 27.0 mm. It was missing it's lower
> cradles (any salient
> differences between these cradles and the other 2
> bolt posts?)

Based on a rather lengthy CR exchange many months ago,the SR should have the clear anodized alloy cradles that were later used on the NR, not the steel cradles found on the older Record, GS and SL.

but was only
> lightly used. Any thoughts as to a value/worth?

Worth a lot to anyone piecing together a non-NOS pre-'78 SR bike with a 27.0mm seat tube. If it was the more common 27.2mm size and NOS it could fetch a ridiculous amount on Ebay. I think I've seen used 27.2's go for about $200. $400 for NOS wouldn't surprise me. Yours being an odd size and used, it will be worth less. Bottom line, if I needed that post for a project and was lucky enough to find it at a reasonable price I'd do a little dance and mount it on my bike. If it was just going to decorate my shelf, I'd probably slap that thing on Ebay and hope to retire on the proceeds... But that's just me.

Tom Dalton
> They also had a stash of Dura Ace AX braze on front
> derailleurs. Anybody
> need one? What do these go for nowadays on the open
> market?
> David
> David Bilenkey
> Bilenkey Industrial Design
> Ottawa, ON, Canada