[CR]Bates frames caution. A reply.

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Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2001 05:37:01 EDT
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Subject: [CR]Bates frames caution. A reply.

Hello all

I would welcome the opportunity to Bruce Robbins caution about Bates frames.

Two points.

Firstly he comments that a road/path frame supplied to a friend of his was poorly finished. If I am correct, the friend is Vic Polanski of Dundee. This frame was manufactured during the period when Classic bikes were not building Bates frames. It was supplied in parts and at the insistence of Vic, who liked his previous road frame so much, he felt he had to have another for grass track racing. The finishing work on this frame was not done by Classic Bikes. I feel sure if Bruce checks with Vic he can then confirm this, to all of us.

As classic Bikes are again building Bates frames, the finishing will be done, once again, exclusively by us.

Secondly, as to the fork profile. Over the years Bates offered Diadrant forks in many different "bend" profiles, along with several different blade sections. As a general rule, as time progressed and road surfaces improved, the required rake decreased. Our frames reflect these developments. This is the same as supplying a frame with rear drop outs spaced at 128mm or 130mm, these are correct to the period the frame is being built in. If you would like something different, you can order a custom build. Bruce's frame is in fact a B.A.R.model.(I know I recently swapped a transfer set for his excellent and highly recommended Brown CDs). The B.A.R. was the Bates custom frame and the customer was able to specify the fork geometry he/she wished. B.A.R. transfers are available for custom build models, if the customer prefers.

For those of you out there who have period Bates frames, I now have all of the post '55 build records and some pre '55. These often include original equipment specifications, prices, and customer names. I am quite happy to help with the dating and identifying of Bates frames.

Sorry if some of this is off topic Dale, it just that these are responses to comments made on this list and do compare contemporary steel frames with ones from the classic period.

Martin Coopland