Re: [CR]Old Bianchi Help Needed

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Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2001 15:26:33 -0700
From: "Chuck Schmidt" <>
To: Eric Elman <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Old Bianchi Help Needed
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Sounds very much like my mid-50s Bianchi Campione del Mundo. Out of the parts you mentioned probably the best one to use as the approximate year of your bike might be the 3 piece Bianchi engraved Campagnolo hubs. Loosen the lock nuts and see what is stamped on their backs. Should be something like "CAM. 56" or some other year. Also, sometimes the steel cranks have the last two digits of the year they were made.

Are your brakes side-pulls or center pulls. I'm guessing they are not center pulls (Universal 61s), but the earlier side pulls (Universal 51s).

Chuck Schmidt South Pasadena, Southern California (revised Campagnolo Timeline on site)

Eric Elman wrote:
> I just picked up an old Bianchi and would like help identifying the year,
> model, where it fit in the line-up and if the equipment on it is original.
> I've been quiet on the list for a long time now but most of you "old time
> CR's" know that French bikes/components is where my knowledge lies so I am
> at a loss for what appears to be a really neat bike worth restoring - tell
> me if you agree please. Also, any knowlege as to the brand and model
> tubing?
> No pictures yet as I moved 4 weeks ago and can't find my digital battery
> charger. I'll send jpegs to anyone that wants some as soon as I can locate
> the charger.
> Serial number is stamped on the front top of the seat lug 526527 (the 3rd
> digit may be a 3 or 5, hard to tell).
> Chrome on headlugs, dropouts with eyelets, and also front half of seatlug.
> Headset cups are integral to the headtube - see Dales web site with the
> celeste Bianchi there - my bike is very similar.
> Paint was celeste but someone took paint remover to it and there is now bare
> metal, or chrome, or very light superficial rust. Most all decals are long
> gone but there are the remnants of Bianchi on the downtube in what looks
> like a deep red color.
> Brake cable clips on the top tube are each made up a two very slender bands
> that then come to one wider band where the cable goes under. The cable is
> located on the side of the band/top tube when the attaching scew is on the
> underside of the top tube.
> Still with me???????
> Brakes are universal - I think mod 61's? How does one tell?
> Hubs are low flange, chrome steel centers with aluminum flanges with Bianci
> engraved in script. Rims have no name on them and are two different 27"
> clincher brands. I do not think either is original as their 27" size forces
> the brake pads to the very top of the range on the brake calipers and the
> pads then barely hit the rim properly. QR's are Campy with the open font
> "C." What might the original rims and spokes have been?
> Both derailleurs are Campy Gran Sport. Shift levers have the open font "C."
> Shift lever bracket has the pump umbrella as part of it.
> Crankset is unknown to me but is cottered steel and the same as the 1950's
> celeste Bianchi pictured on Dale's web site except it is a double with very
> close range chainrings (I'll count them soon) and the crank arm spindle hole
> has a small cap that is blue with a chrome "B" in the center of it. It also
> has Bianchi in script engraved on the center of each arm. Very, very
> pretty.
> Seat and it's clamp are AQUILA brand and was cut away by a previous owner to
> vaguely resemble a Brooks Swallow.
> Stem is a Ambrosio, again, the same as pictured on dale's web site and has
> Bianchi stamped on the clamp area face. Bars are unbranded but I assume
> Ambrosio also.
> Seat post is chromed steel.
> Pedals are Lyotard 45CA's - I assume not original - along with old logo
> Christophe clips and straps.
> Down tube/Bottom bracket cable guide is neat in that it has a built in
> formed wire pump peg.
> I'm sure I've left something out but am equally sure you'll bring it to my
> attention.
> Please post reply's to the lsit if you think others can benefit from your
> responses.
> Finally, I've done a search for a Bianchi page/site similar to the PX10 and
> Retro Raleigh sites but found nothing. Is there really no site devoted to
> this deserved brand?
> Thanks very much in advance,
> Eric "very excited" Elman
> cool Somers, CT