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Date: 27 Aug 2001 12:32:49 EDT
From: "Bill Canilang" <whcanilang@usa.net>
To: BOB List <internet-bob@bikelist.org>, Classic Lightweights <Classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR]Re: [[BOB] Ride Report (long)] w/add'l comments

Steve Freides <steve@fridayscomputer.com> wrote:
> Another good group ride.

Unlike the ride two weeks ago, most of this ride was actually carried out at an easy conversational pace (no point or mountain top sprints...). One of the conversations was Jamie's discussion on garage frame building and how to get started.
> Martin rode a black Falcon with a 7-speed cassette rear.

The Falcon (hand-built Reynolds 653) was an LBS (the Montclair Bakery/Bikery) basement rescue Martin had made for $25 for the frame and fork.
> Chris started the ride on his newly-built-up green
> Atlantis, with 26 x 1.5 tires, fenders, a rear rack, and a Sugino XD
> triple (more about the crankset later!) Chris sported bar-end shifters
> on mustache style bars.

Chris was also smartly attired in a matching outfit including green Converse (or Keds?) sneakers and matching green socks. Chris' Atlantis sported the Nitto rack, the Acme Leather Saddle Pouch (polished to match the Saddle), and Paul's cantilevers.
> At Fort Lee Historical Park, I met <snip>
> Peter on a Thorn all-rounder type bike with racks
> and fenders,

An S-and-S coupled Thorn XTC. 26" wheels, toured twice in England. Certainly a very expedition-worthy bike. Peter was neo-retro'ly attired in a Swobo jersey and shorts. Peter also recalled the days of yore by partaking in that lung-expanding ritual of a post-snack smoke. Perhaps next time he'll pack some champagne in his water bottle...
> Scott on a Waterford,

Waterford 1100. Nice...
> and Joe on an early Rivendell road.

Waterford-build, JB-paint. Riv lugged stem-ed, Carradiced (Nelson?) that had a few of the tools (rolled in what looked like the Acme tool and tube tote) required for Chris' repair.
> Almost to Nyack, Scott had a flat tire. As soon as we started off after
> that, Chris managed to bend his XD crank and big chainring after losing
> a chainring bolt, <snip>

Chris severely bent his large ring (even scratched the chain stay) and slightly bent his middle ring. Neither was rideable. More distressing though was the severely bent tab under the arm that the outer and middle rings bolt to.

Chris' replacement bike was an interesting, almost all-French Meral made with Super Vitus and painted in an eye-catching green that coordinated with Chris' attire even better than the Atlantis.

I hope to have my latest ebay acquisition (an '89 RB-1, where I out-bid Noah Adams of NPR) ready for the next iBOB ride. If anyone else has a 48cm RB, Noah's still looking.

Bill Canilang
Ridgewood, NJ