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Subject: Re: [CR]Second Rebour Book from Japan
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2001 00:22:48 +0900

When " The world of D.Rebour" was re-issued lately, it was announced that Vo.2 and Vol.3 would be published to cover all of his drawings . ( I believe that it was not planned to cover his drawings of motor cycles) But the old man who was editing them was dead. And only Vol.2 will be published.
   The drawings from 1946 to 1950 were already on the magazines ' New Cycling' 1997-8 and I have their photocopies. So I have not decided to buy the Vol.2 yet.
     In the book you will be able to see how Mr. Rebour was getting more and more skillful. Moreover you will find something which should be on " Rarest of rare! Unbelievable" section of Dale's site.
                    Takao Noda
            Hachioji Tokyo Japan

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From: kenji fusejima
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Subject: [CR]Second Rebour Book from Japan

> It seems that the second issue of Mr. Daniel Rebour's illustration book is
> put on the market in Japan. This book is the second issue of the book of
> the 1976 issue reprinted lately. However, this book is not a reprint. This
> is a NEW BOOK. With such a reason, I don't know about the details of the
> contents. The publisher said that this book covers Mr. Rebour's art work
> drawn from 1946 to 1950, 1952, and 1953. It will be about 200 pages and
> contain over 1500 illustrations.
> It seems that this book will be sold only to people who subscribed.
> Subscription will be closed at the end of this month. I think that it
> probably becomes autumn or winter that this book will be published (It is
> no announcement from a publisher).
> I can buy this book with your substitute, and I can send to you. Please
> email me by the August 30, if you want.
> "le Monde de Daniel Rebour 2nd."
> Hard Cover / about 200 pages / over 1500 illustrations
> price : 6,800 yen (about 56 US$) plus shipping cost (Probably, it is under
> 10 US$ to the USA)
> Kenji Fusejima
> Tokyo Japan