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Subject: RE: [CR]Masi vs Waterford
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2001 13:38:01 -0400
Thread-Topic: [CR]Masi vs Waterford
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Are we talking current Masi, as in "Milano", or comparing a vintage Masi with a current Waterford? No matter. I think that Waterfords might be the nicest "production" frames that I have seen. Others more knowledgeable than I may disagree? Not an RS or a Weigle (Baylis, Bohemian etc...), perhaps, but really nice steel frames. Richard Rose (Toledo, Ohio)

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The old Product Manager in me is curious about something. Wonder if the list is curious as well.

Supposing you were going to buy a road bike today. Given our general preferences lets say it would be steel, lugged, one color.

Would you buy a Masi or a Waterford and why?

Tom Rawson Oakland, CA (formerly Brookline Village, MA and Guilford, CT)