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Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2001 13:26:27 -0700

Bianchi's not alone in sailing away from what was once cool stuff. Point of original question was to get at what we value - both the tangible, physical and social, cultural. Think its good to focus on the "attributes" and recognize which is which. I find it hard to revere old stuff because its old. But old stuff that is truly good is truly worth lusting for. New stuff that is good is the future collectible - with any luck - and a steady hand at the helm - so supporting that is important too.

Seen too much junk at swap meets to think its all good and I dont pine for a time that was. Want to know which is good from whenever and why. Havent found a curly stay Hetchins in 62Cm after a year of looking so good stuff gets known and bought and hoarded cause they dont make it anymore - thats an attribute that
has value.
Tom Rawson
Oakland, CA

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> > I've never owned a custom frame and only know what I've learned from this
> > list about Masi and Waterford, however I did ride my 1994 Bianchi Eros
> > 40.3
> > miles today in 93% heat and high humidity and enjoyed every
> > mile.Consequently, if I was looking for a new bike and money was no object
> > I
> >
> Go look at new Bianchi's and see what you think.
> They've been inflicted with the same high tech disease as most every other
> volume producer. The Bianchi lugged train left the station a few years
> ago............
> Pete Geurds
> Douglassville, PA