[CR]READY TO SELL: Peugeot Super Comp Super Record Bike

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Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 11:14:46 -0600
Thread-Topic: Classicrendezvous digest, Vol 1 #1089 - 15 msgs
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From: "Koepke, Mark" <mkoepke@uwsp.edu>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR]READY TO SELL: Peugeot Super Comp Super Record Bike

Ok, if any of you want to see pictures of this bike, as it is, I have them ready! Later today it goes on E-Bay. Your chance is now! Cheers, Mark xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx From: "Koepke, Mark" <mkoepke@uwsp.edu> To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org> Subject: [CR]RE: FOR SALE: Peugeot Super Comp Bike -- Revised!

Sorry, I forgot to mention the seat (Turbo) and post (Campy NR, 26.4) -- they are included too. Also NEW, in box, Campy Alloy Toe Clips are thrown in. What else...? Must have forgot something....?? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi, thought I would give the list first chance at this... then it's E-Bay. I picked up two new bikes last weekend, so something has got to go. Darn it!

PEUGEOT Super Competition, 63c, Reynolds 531 (French Decal) Chrome Fork, 531 Simplex Drop-outs Crank: Campy Super Record, 52/42, 172.5 Bottom Bracket: Campy Super Record Headset: Campy Super Record Brakes: Campy Super Record, hoods are brown and only OK, not great Rear Derailleur: Campy Super Record Front Derailleur: Campy Record Slotted Shifters: Campy Super Record, Down-Tube, of course! Freewheel: Regina 14-23 Chain: Sedis Hubs: Mavic Sealed 32 hole Rims: Fiamme Ergal, Grey built w/ DT Spokes, Sew-ups Stem and Bars: Mavic (Really neat ones)

Great, smooth ride. Recently overhauled, new Campy grease. Paint is original, pearl white, decals good by in large. The bike has no dents, deep gouges or the like. Still, not a show bike without some work on your part. I have no pictures yet, but will this weekend. $500 even. $35.00 shipping to be added for USA and more if international. Wish I could keep this, but all the hooks are full! Will E-Bay next week if not taken here. Cheers, Mark