Re: [CR]renovating chrome

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Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2002 21:16:43 EST
Subject: Re: [CR]renovating chrome

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> > I've got a 79 Colnago with a lot of chrome on it. I plan to have it
> resprayed, but I've had a look at the prices for rechroming and its not
> cheap. Any tips for cleaning up chrome at home. I've got some light surface
> rust on the b/b shell?
> Try extensive use of the woven fibers of ferric sheep (steel wool).

I have found that using even light steel wool on old chrome removes chrome that would be best left in place. I use instead a product Dale recommended to me, called Quik-Glo polish. Though it doesn't work at all on aluminum, it removes the "bled" part of the rust spots from any chromed part, leaving the remaining chrome intact.

After polishing with Quik-Glo (which requires NO use of force or serious pressure), I tend to coat really pitted chrome with boiled linseed oil to keep the pits from re-spreading their destruction. Maybe something else, like a wax, would work even better ?

Only expensive rechroming Really works. Chrome is stupid on bicycles.

Glenn Jordan - Durham, NC (30 miles on my Miyata fixed gear today)