[CR]One final vintage parts for sale listing

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To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 07:34:02 -0500
From: "Mario Girasa" <oldbike8538@juno.com>
Subject: [CR]One final vintage parts for sale listing

One final vintage parts for sale listing: shipping extra. email for jpgs. 1. early 1970s campagnolo wooden small-parts cabinet, with catalog #17. This is a huge cabinet, with 2 doors and a bunch of plastic sliding drawers, with each small-part number on it. The small parts numbers correspond to the Nuovo/super record groups of the 1970s. This comes with catalog #17, the big spiral-bound one with aluminum cover. The catalog has water damage, and some pages are stuck together. You can daintily restore the catalog, but pretty much consider it a free toss-in with the cabinet. Cabinet is VERY heavy and will ship actual UPS OVERSIZE. used, $190 2. Original Campagnolo ball-bearings, part # 2103. These are 5/32 size, 48 balls per package, for most Campagnolo pedals from the 1960s into the early 90s. They fit all pedals except for the titanium-spindled versions. This is also the size used for the track headset, except you need 25 +25 for the headset. These packages are factory-packed in batches of 25 packs (of 48 bearings each). NOS, Get 25 packs for $25. 3. Campagnolo COLORED synchro inserts !!! I can't believe I have these. These are for the Synchro shifters of the early 90s, probably the most astonishing engineering feat of all time. Colors available are red, blue, black, white and green. NOS, $5 each 4. 6 alloy kick-stands. 4 are Esge/Pletscher, one is "Bulldog" the other has no name. They all seem to be identical. One of the Esge is missing the upper-clamp plate. All work fine, are a bit scratched-up from use. Go for it ! used, all 6 for $20. 5. Really nice used bar/stem/brake lever setup: Nitto Olympiade bars (39cm c-c) with a "FUJI" engraved laurel-crest, on a Nitto stem (10cm), with DiaCompe "Aero Gran Compe" aerodynamic levers, black hoods in perfect condition, black housings aero-routed under orange Cello-Benotto tape, orange Benotto barplugs. used, $30 (the value of the levers alone !) 6. 20 Pair of NOS Cycling shoes for $75. That's right, $3.75 per pair (only if you take all 20 pair). Most of these are Marresi, most completely leather, the others a combination of leather and mesh. there are also Dettos, Brancale, Nike, Cannondale, Rivat, Diadora shoes. The Marresi are drilled for LOOK. the others are traditional-cleat design. ALL are UNDER size 39. that's right, tiny shoes. Think of it this way, if you've got youngsters in your family who are into cycling, then it's going to cost them $100 a year to change shoes as their feet grow. At this price, getting into the details of each shoe isn't worth it. Believe me, you'll be satisfied. All are NOS, most are italian leather, it just kills me that they're small ! 20 pair for $75

Thanks !
Mario Girasa, Belmont, Mass