Re: [CR]Quik-Glo for renovating chrome

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From: <>
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 09:17:11 EST
Subject: Re: [CR]Quik-Glo for renovating chrome

Hi gang:

Quick-Glo is indeed a great product. Most good bike shops carry it or can quickly get it from many of their distributors. It is a really heavy duty cleaner, works on tough rust and goo, but does minimal damage to chrome... Note the use of the word "minimal". I mention that because many bikes and especially Italian makes can still have the chrome scrubbed through using products like this. On the other hand, if the chrome is already a mess, Quick-Glo will at least do a good job at maximizing what you have....

As low cost alternatives, I have successfully used Bon Ami cleanser which is sort of a mild, non scratching kitchen scrubber. It is an old school product that is disappearing from the big formula grocery stores so you may not be able to find it.The label has a little baby chick on it (implying it's gentleness.)

The way you use both of the above is by wrapping a soft cloth (old tee shirt?) around your finger, spit polish style, dampening it with water and smearing a small amount of the paste or powder on the cloth.Then rub away...

Comet cleanser and similar are way too coarse... Soft Scrub and other similar kitchen products seem to be too mild to work as well as the Quick-Glo and Bon Ami...

Finally, these products also can scrub up and refresh paint work! Be careful as they will obliterate decals & pinstriping, but in certain situations, can breath life into really rough and stained paint. It acts like a heavy duty rubbing compound... A follow up with car wax/sealant is necessary.

Dale Brown
Greensboro, North Carolina