[CR]Marinoni steel frame testimonial!

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Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 22:40:25 -0500
Subject: [CR]Marinoni steel frame testimonial!

Copied with appreciation and respect from the Marinoni Vermont website... steel lives!

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Regards, Steve Neago "Gearing up for the Spring season in Cincinnati, OH"


Most manufacturers are falling all over themselves trying to find outside contractors to produce their latest titanium and carbon race frames. At Marinoni we've never wavered in our belief in the high quality hand built steel racing frame. The frames that we build ourselves using over 20 years and more than 25,000 frames worth of experience!

While many companies choose to "farm out" their most expensive and prestigious models, we choose to do it ourselves, the right way. All Marinoni framesets are built by Giuseppe Marinoni, the man whose name appears on every downtube is the man who built the bike!

We work very closely with Columbus of Italy and use their tubing exclusively in all our Marinoni road frames. With the introduction of new tubesets such as Nivacrom EL/OS and Neuron we are able to build incredibly light, yet strong framesets to fit all sizes of riders. The design flexibility that steel offers permits us to custom fit the road feel of our Marinoni frames. By taking the time to talk with our customers and carefully identifying their needs, we are able to build their perfect dream bicycle. We don't expect our customers to settle for an "off the rack" fit.

We build steel frames for all styles of riders from our lightweight racing frames to our purposefully built touring models. To complete the spectrum we build track, tandem and sport models.

For those of you who doubt the viability of steel you have only to turn to the pro peloton. Steel is still the overwhelming choice of those riders who earn their living on a bike. The recent shattering of the hour record on a "conventional" steel frame has sent the message. "Steel frames are back", in fact they never really left!