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Subject: RE: [CR]Search for the not so famous!
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 16:18:09 -0500
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From: "Rich Rose" <>
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My wife's 1976? Gitane "Interclub" came with (and still has), Pivo bar & stem. Nice enough that it always kind of bothered me that her less expensive then my (PX10), bike had such a nice bar/stem combo - compared to the AVA stuff on the Pug. I was always threatening to pull a swap but never did. Richard Rose (Toledo, Ohio)

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Most (all?) pictures of Jacques Anquetil riding a Gitane show a Pivo stem (presumably bars too). My 1970ish Gitane Tour de France has a Pivo stem, as does a 1980ish gaspipe Gitane that I have. Indicates that at least one manufacturer thought that Pivo was good enough or cheap enough to fit to its bikes.

Hugh Thornton N. England

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>Subject: [CR]Search for the not so famous!
>Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 20:25:47 -0000
>Whilst researching into 1960,s classic components I was wondering whether
>anyone could give me some helpful knowledge on th following makers:-
>Magistroni, Excelto and Pivo. They don't seem to appear in the normal run
>of any specifications Were they not popular ,or well known at the time?
>Answers would be appreciated
>Thank You
>Doug. Smith
>Dorset. England
>"In The Blackmore Vale"