[CR]What kind of bike is your commuter

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Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2002 08:43:06 -0800 (PST)
From: "Rob Hawks" <rhawks@lmi.net>
Subject: [CR]What kind of bike is your commuter

Today, on my ride into work through Oakland and nearby towns I encountered another bike commuter as we both pedaled through the fog. We both caught a light and greeted each other as we waited. As we rolled off from the light I took a look at his bike. (My wife laughs at me about this behavior. She says most middle aged husbands look at women, but my head gets turned by every bike that passes by.) Well, I was surprised to see that this man's commute bike was an early 70s Cinelli. The sun hadn't risen yet and as I said it was foggy. That, plus the fact that the bike was painted a dark green (I think) made it hard for me to tell at first, but the decal tipped it off. So of course I had to ask about that. Turns out that he bought the bike second hand, off someone that had had shifter bosses, cable guides and water bottle cage mounts brazed on. The bike was well worn from his perspective, and he said it wasn't a sunday afternoon quality bike any more, and it was just sitting in his basement so he began using it as his commute bike. When I suggested he could have it restored, he said that it would be too expense for a bike that would then just sit unused. I could understand what he meant by that, but still, I'd love to have a stable of bikes where that bike became the most logical choice for my commute bike!

Off topic from the above, but I was wondering what is the general consensus regarding Colnago frames. In particular, these would be the steel, lugged ones from the 80s. One that I've seen recently that might be available is one that has the Colnago club symbol cut out of the bottom bracket shell.

rob hawks
richmond, ca