Re: [CR]What kind of bike is your commuter

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Subject: Re: [CR]What kind of bike is your commuter
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002 16:00:56 -0800

My grocery store bike is a late 50's Helyett club racer with a fork I built, Suntour XC Pro cantilever brakes, one Honjo fender and one Esge, 35c tires and conspicuous rust and grey primer. Jacques Anquetil's ghost guards the bike rack!
David Feldman
Vancouver WA

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From: Dennis Ryan
Sent: Wednesday, February 06, 2002 9:14 AM
Subject: Re: [CR]What kind of bike is your commuter

> Hi y'all,
> My commuter is an early 60's Allegro Special, mostly period except for
> Shimano 105 rear der and Riv supermix pods (& Klickfix bracket) ... earliest
> Phil hubs (what I had on hand)... green over full chrome w/chrome lugs &
> white Bluemel's Populars ... half a TA crankset generously supplied by
> Brother Bruce Robbins -- thanks again! BTW the TA triple fit perfectly on
> the original Campy spindle, with very low Q.
> BTW Frankenbike: I have a 60's Cilo that is part of a secret commuter
> project that will damn me to the dark side (it's not a "Swiss thing"; it
> just happened that way). But that's too close to OT ... I'm a-coming,
> Brother Sheldon!
> Dennis Ryan
> Louisville, KY
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> >Subject: [CR]What kind of bike is your commuter
> >Date: Wed, 06 Feb 2002 08:43:06 -0800 (PST)
> >
> >Today, on my ride into work through Oakland and nearby towns
> >I encountered another bike commuter as we both pedaled through
> >the fog. We both caught a light and greeted each other as we
> >waited. As we rolled off from the light I took a look at his
> >bike. (My wife laughs at me about this behavior. She says
> >most middle aged husbands look at women, but my head gets
> >turned by every bike that passes by.) Well, I was surprised to
> >see that this man's commute bike was an early 70s Cinelli.
> > The sun hadn't risen yet and as I said it was foggy. That,
> >plus the fact that the bike was painted a dark green (I think)
> >made it hard for me to tell at first, but the decal tipped
> >it off. So of course I had to ask about that. Turns out that
> >he bought the bike second hand, off someone that had had
> >shifter bosses, cable guides and water bottle cage mounts
> >brazed on. The bike was well worn from his perspective, and
> >he said it wasn't a sunday afternoon quality bike any more,
> >and it was just sitting in his basement so he began using it
> >as his commute bike. When I suggested he could have it restored,
> >he said that it would be too expense for a bike that would
> >then just sit unused. I could understand what he meant by that,
> >but still, I'd love to have a stable of bikes where that bike
> >became the most logical choice for my commute bike!
> >
> >Off topic from the above, but I was wondering what is the
> >general consensus regarding Colnago frames. In particular,
> >these would be the steel, lugged ones from the 80s. One that
> >I've seen recently that might be available is one that has
> >the Colnago club symbol cut out of the bottom bracket shell.
> >
> >rob hawks
> >richmond, ca