Re:[CR]What kind of bike is your commuter

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From: "Questor" <>
To: "classicrendezvous" <>
Subject: Re:[CR]What kind of bike is your commuter
Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2002 01:06:15 -0500

I ride a 1976 531 Raleigh Professional in Blue/Mink refitted with a Super Record 54-46T gruppo, TTT Record stem, Cobalto brakes and handles and alloy 13-18 freewheel. I still have a set of AVA original wheels!

Otherwise, I use a 1975 531 Raleigh Competition in Black/Gold with Huret Jubliee long-arm derailleurs, Campy Barcons, brakes, and HF hubs, Cinelli bars and 1a stem, and a 14-28 Regina freewheel with a TA Cyclotourist 52-42-32T crankset for hilly climbs.

What better way to climb the "seven hills" of Cincinnati?

Regards, Steve Neago
Cincinnati, OH