[CR] Books for sale 7/2/02

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Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2002 14:47:07 +0000
Subject: [CR] Books for sale 7/2/02
From: "Hilary Stone" <hilary.stone@blueyonder.co.uk>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>

I seem to have accumulated rather a large number of books recently which I already have copies of and which I wish to dispose of. All books are priced in $. Shipping will be extra charged at cost. Enquire for actual cost if you like before deciding. Payment can be made in cash with dollars or by money order in Pounds sterling ($1.45 to 1 GBP). American Express Travellers cheques are also fine. Regards Hilary Stone, its raining now again, Bristol, England

The Complete Cyclist by Harold Moore Published by Pitman 3rd Edition 1949 144pp Nice small book with a few good photos of period bikes and equipment. All round guide to cycling at the time. Scruffy dustjacket but otherwise very good $14

Cycling Yearbook by Noel Henderson published by Pelham 1970. 128pp Covers the whole of the 1970 season both in Britain and the world. Chapters on cyclo-cross, time trials record breaking road racingThe Tour of Britain, the World Championships, the big three Tours and the Clasics. Special chapters writteby Beryl Burton, Les West and Hugh Porter. Excellent condition hardback with virtually perfect colour dustjacket and some good photos. $20

Cycling Manual by H H England 23rd edition 1954 203pp. Complete contemporary guide to cycling with quite a lot on equipment. A fascinating read. Includes good advert section Dayton, Reynolds, Williams, GB etc. Excellent hardback copy $15

Cycling Manual by H H England 22nd edition 1954 214pp. Complete contemporary guide to cycling with quite a lot on equipment. A fascinating read. Load of ads. Softback $15

The Penguin Book of the Bicycle by Rod Watson and Martin Gray 1978 333pp This very underrated book covers cycle history, the contemporary scene at the end of the 70s (mostly in Britain) and has a superb chapter on the contemporary cycle British cycle industry. This includes interviews with Dave Moulton (before he went to the US), Reynolds, Raleigh ­ this is a long section covering company history, contemporary production and details of the Ti-Raleigh team and their bikes etc. Very good condition, slightly creased rear cover $18

Let¹s Go Cycling by Reg Shaw 1st edition 1950 243pp Contemporary manual on how to go cycling including chapters on the right kind of cycle and equipment. Several pages of ads at the back from Thanet, Cyclo Benelux, Dunlop Carradice, Airlite etc. Excellent condition though the full colour dust jacket has a couple of tears and a small missing section. $20

The Bicycle in life, love, war and literature by Seamus McGonanagle 1968 141pp A great read though occasionally its accuracy should be questioned. Excellent condition with virtually perfect dustjacket. Not common $20

Bicycling 1874 A textbook for Early Riders Reprinted by David And Charles 1970 from 1874 original. 80pp Excellent manual of how to ride a Highwheeler bicycle and early cycle sport. Perfect condition complete with dustjacket. $25

Holdsworthy ŒAids¹ Cycle catalogue 1975 A couple of very marks on the cover but otherwise perfectly clean inside. Lists all the Campagnolo, Simplex, Huret, Universal and GB equipment and much else, most with delightful line drawings. Holdsworthy were the British Campy importers but also brought in much else besides. Also includes the Holdsworth, Claud Butler and Freddie Grubb frames. A huge quantity of information within its 84 pages. $25

Sloane¹s Complete Book of Bicycling 1st Edition 1970. 342pp Excellent condition w ith laminated dustjacket. Lots of period facts, details, components and bikes $25

STURMEY ARCHER MASTER CATALOGUE 1956 -Very good copy, cover is a bit grubby but the pages are generally very clean with only the odd greasy mark, a few of the pages towards the back have some damp marks but no pages are stuck together. This Master catalogue contains parts lists, exploded diagrams, assembly and disassembly instructions, gear ratio charts, and axle charts for all the classic Sturmey Archer hubs AW, AG, FG, FW, FM, FC, ASC, AB, AC, AM, TCW, SW as well the Dynohub and brake hubs. 178 pages of absolutely fascinating information and essential for any Sturmey Archer enthusiast. $85

Champion on Two Wheels Hugh Porter¹s autobiography. 1975 187pp Excellent clean copy complete with virtually perfect dustjacket. Hugh Porter was World Track Pursuit champion four times which was a record in itself. Plenty of photos. Hardback. $30

Bert Harris of the Poly by Dick Swann 2nd Edit 1974 69pp hardback Thstory of an English Professionasl champion from the 1890s. An excellent read. Hardback with some photos $15

Cycling¹s Circus by Chas Messenger 1971 183pp The Story of the Tour of Britain from 1951 to 1956. Plenty of photos. Excellent read. No dutjacket hence $18

Riding the Desert Trail by Bettina Selby 1988 240pp Bettina Selby¹s account of riding a bicycle to the source of the Nile. Bettina was one in a long tradition of English women adventure cyclists (Following Dervla Murphy). She is very entertaining. Hardback $20