[CR]More obscure vintage parts/clothing/posters for sale

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To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2002 09:06:48 -0500
From: "Mario Girasa" <oldbike8538@juno.com>
Subject: [CR]More obscure vintage parts/clothing/posters for sale

More obscure vintage parts. shipping extra. email for jpgs. 1. NOS TA waterbottles, $10 each, all four for $33 a. Lotto logo, stars, blue/red/yellow bands b. Fagor logo, red/yellow swirling bands c. GIS, Trentino Vacanze logo, ice cream cone with blue/red melting icecream d. 3ttt logo, red/white/green fanned-bands 2. Colnago mid-80s waterbottles, classic big-black-clover with word "Colnago" underneath on plain white bottle a. regular size or 1.5 size for $9 each, $17 for both 3. Rivat winter cycling shoe. Size 42. Hard-plastic sole, leather trim, thick deep-blue nylon mesh, lined with sheeps-fur !!! condition is dusty and shopworn, but new. $20 4. Brancale traditional cycling shoe, size42, lace-up, leather and thin black nylon mesh, subtle red/white/green logo stripes, $20 5. NOS Selle San Marco Ergo Roccia saddle. Seems to be a mountain bike saddle of the mid-80s. WIde and padded nylon mesh, chromed rails, $10 6. NOS Selle Italia "Lady" saddle. Very very nice leather padded saddle, has almost the exact same shape as the Brooks women's saddles, very wide at the rear, but with a thin long nose. Has loops for saddle bag. $20 7. NOS Denza Unicanitor-copy. This is an Italian plastic saddle with chromed rails. It is the exact same shape and design as the Unicanitor plastic saddles, with three nice holes down the middle. There are loops molded into the plastic for a saddle bag. This is the ultimate commuter saddle, impervious to the effects of the elements. Make no mistake, this is a very sweet saddle, and at this price, don't hold back ! (several available), $8 each 8. Unusual Raleigh fork, I'll describe it. Perfect NOS, for 27" wheels, Tange tubing and dropouts. Double set of eyelets, blades 2/5 chromed. Lugged crown. Crown drilled for brake, but also, cantilever bosses are on this !!! Steerer is very long, 8.25 inches. Fork is deep coffee color with gold outlining of crown. Decals (nice red and gold) on sides of blades have the Raleigh bird and the word "The Raleigh" underneath. Crown is unprepped. Condition is NOS with minor nicks to paint, but truly a looker. Can someone tell me what model this was for ? $30 each. Also have 2 available that have had the cantilever bosses removed with a flame, so you might want to repaint those, at $10 each. 9. Used Fuji fork, I believe from a mountain bike. Tubing is 4130. Unicrown construction, eyeletted dropouts, center-drilled for brakes. Steerer 6" long. Original yellow/orange fade paint job, used but excellent condition. No idea if it's for 26" wheels or what, but center of brake-drill-hole to center of where axle would lie is just over 15", I hope that means something. $10 10. mid-1980s Campagnolo plastic bag. I know, when you're selling plastic bags, you're in way over your head. I only have one. It is slightly used, from when I purchased my first C-record bits and pieces. It is 15x21, white with blue graphics, identical on both sides. It says, "Campagnolo" in script, then under that "Campagnolo Spoken Here", then under that it has twelve rectangles with the mid-80s symbols for the components, and under that the words "Graphic Symbols of Campagnolo Products". You could frame it ? $10 11. Book, Brenard Hinault, Le Peloton des Souvenirs, in french, lots of pictures but mostly words, $20 12. Biemme neoprene winter booties. Medium $8 each, small 10 for $15 !!! The way I use the smalls is I cut off the heel and use them as extra-long toe-booties. It works ! 13. NOS Winter wool Cyclist's cap, deep blue (Campagnolo blue, actually), with the words "De Franceschi" embroidered in front. SIze medium, $35 14. Jerseys a. NOS, Red/white wool, INOXPRAN Team, with logos for Campagnolo, Cinelli, Formsport and Selle Concor, size 2, and you know these stretch and were meant to be form-fitting in those days, so buy it ! If you have a medium build or smaller, this jersey will be very flattering, but no bellies please. $45 b. NOS, Sergal wool, red and white with thin blue stripe. Nice, classic, unadorned, size 2, see my Spiel above regarding sizes !!! $25 c. used, mid-80s Cafe de Colombia, the nice one where the mountains are geometric pyramids ! white/yellow/red/blue. Sponsor logos are Mavic and Vittore Gianni, plus Juan Valdez and his donkey. Jersey is a bit faded but perfectly usable, or nice to frame. Size is 40. $25 d. NOS, 1995 Russian Team jersey. all-red (of course). Front has the Kremlin peaks, and logos for Giordana, Banner Group, some cyrillic writing, rear has a wheel with golden wings and more cyrillic writing. American size medium, very lightweight, $65 15. Cycling cap frenzy: a. silver/blue Team Atala b. yellow/white cinelli new-logo c. white/orange Team Bottecchia/Malvor d. white/yellow/blue Team Bottecchia/Paini $8 each or all four for $20 !!! e. yellow/violet Team Bottecchia ADR !!! Lemond's 1989 Tour winning Team ! Only 2 available, $23 each 16. Enormous Schwinn Advertising banner, plastic with riveted holes, intended to hang from shop ceiling, NEW, yellow/white, $20 17. Rene Herse T-Shirt, only one available, has Gentleman's Bike from the Rebour drawing on it. size L, $25 18. Enormous Trek thick plastic 2-sided banner/poster, intended to hang from shop ceiling, thick wooden rods support upper and lower edges, $20 19. Used saddles a. Brown Turbo, Bernard Hinault model, faded nut no cuts, $20 b. Black Turbo, excellent condition, $20 c. White Cinelli Volare SLX, with neat cinelli "flying C" badges on both sides ! A bit darkened from butt-rub, but some mild soap should brighten things up ! $27

Thanks !
Mario Girasa, Belmont, Mass