Re: [CR]Hot & Cold Air, theft deterrence, and smilin' e-RICHIE

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Subject: Re: [CR]Hot & Cold Air, theft deterrence, and smilin' e-RICHIE
Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2002 15:45:58 -0800

Well, from many years working in bike retail, it seems like the most-stolen bikes (knock on wood) are the most fashionable ones to 14 to 30 year old working class white boys and men--this means BMX and suspended mountain bikes. If parked in the greater Portland, Oregon area, a Herse or Confente (vintage content) would be invisible to Mickey Methlab and Willie Whitetrash if parked next to a neon-yellow dual suspension Chinese-made 40 lb. mountain bike fresh from Wal-Mart. Bikes with drop bars and no shock absorbers are hard to swap out for bags of weed in Mt. Tabor Park!
David Feldman
Vancouver, WA

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From: Dennis Ryan

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> ... "Even better would be plain old air, cheaper, longer lasting
> >and readily available and a classic in a classic world."
> Air?!? What is this, the iBOB?!? I fill my tires with vintage atmosfera
> released from the glaciers above the Sanctuary of Ghisallo -- 97 million
> lira per tank, but worth it!
> Apologies for the joke, and a bad one too, but we've all got to pull
> together to keep e-RICHIE's spirits up ... ;-)))
> Penitent vintage bike content -- I noticed a lot of us ride nifty old bikes
> as commuters, which is way cool and shows a real love of the classics (yeah!
> that's the ticket -- not "it's the
> rock-bottom-cheapest/easiest-solution-out-of-the-parts-bin" ...) That's my
> story and I'm sticking to it ... But I'd add another advantage of commuting
> on a "less-than-mint" classic, even a Colnago or Cinelli: to most thieves,
> it's just a beat-up old bike, and any bike with fenders is granddad's. A
> shinier Sears Free Spirit (still see a lot of those) would probably be a
> more likely target in my town. Of course, in New York City the bike thieves
> lurk on the CR!
> Be safe on that old iron (or that Richard Sachs),
> Dennis Ryan
> Louisville, KY