[CR]Masi - Clear Coated?

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Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 13:02:24 -0500
From: "Steve Freides" <steve@fridayscomputer.com>
Organization: Friday's Computer
To: Classic Lightweights <Classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR]Masi - Clear Coated?

A friend of a friend is trying to learn a bit more about a Masi he bought in the late 1970's. He actually bought 2 Masis at that time, one for club riding and one for touring. It's the racer we're interested in. He's told me the serial number as seen on the BB shell is MC57 0550 and that he bought the bike in late 1977 from Ridgewood Cycle, a shop still in existence here and one that I use from time to time.

One thing that he piqued my curiosity was when I asked him what sort of shape it was is, particularly the paint and whether or not that paint was original. He replied (please note the opinions are his, not mine!):
> Frame was clear coated by Mario Confente to show off his soldering skill but
> coating began flaking and the bike was repainted by Masi or Medici in
> California within a couple of years. Black paint, yellow paint on lug
> cutouts, yellow paint inside holes on brake levers(!), eight "Masi" decals, a
> "Mario Confente" signature decal on top tube.

As someone who had a clear-coated only bike built for him a few years ago, then had the same experience with it, I appreciate what happened, but I wasn't aware that such a finish was ever done back then. I would appreciate any further light anyone could shed on this subject for me - I wonder if such a paint job might be considered 'original' given who did it and when....

Thanks in advance.

Steve "no, it's not my size and, no, it's not currently for sale" Freides

in Ridgewood, the restaurant capital of Bergen County, NJ