Re: [CR]Classic conciousness, where are you So. Florida?

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Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 18:52:59 EST
Subject: Re: [CR]Classic conciousness, where are you So. Florida?

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<< Later in the morning, a rider and local shop owner remarks that I would be so much faster with the advantages of modern technology. "Modern frames, gearing, brakes, shifting, wheels etc etc etc..... Blah blahblah ablah....... so much better, faster, more blah for the buck..... reliability and blah ." >>

If you're the last to the top of the climb on a "classic" 23 pound bike, chances are you will be the last one on an 18 pound titanium wonderbike. It's foolish to think that the bike will make you significantly faster.Remember the old P.F.Flyer sneaker ad? Same nonsense. Besides, my body weight often varies by almost 5 pounds over the course of a week. In my opinion, the only "modern technology" that would be almost essential in modern racing is Ergo/STI shifting. I would feel at NO disadvantage racing a standard sized lugged steel frame with 36 spoke wheels (and a 130mm low dish rear that let me use Ergal rims!), leather saddle, and toe clips+straps. After all, the guys on the Teledyne and Exxon Graftex bikes didn't always run away from the field, did they (unless they happened to be John Howard)?

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