[CR]Roadtrips/renaissance update

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From: "renaissance-cycles" <info@renaissance-cycles.com>
To: "Classic Rendevous" <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2002 01:38:38 +0100
Subject: [CR]Roadtrips/renaissance update

Hi All:

Well the Tipo cone thing got me thinking about another roadtrips, so we thought what the hell we will offer a listing of some Campagnolo small parts. And it was due!!

Yesterday we kind of took a day off but ended up checking out a few bikeshops on the way and ended up buying a bunch!!.....Now I have to go back with a truck!! Anyway, we have been talking about a rebuild program and this was a good reason to get it into gear!! Now I'm thinking about that '20 container filled with 2nd Campagnolo NR and SR riggs!! I'll be off to that shop this coming week!!.....Yes,....................there is shops like this over here, if not in a container then the attic or the basement!!...............We love these places!!

Once again when ordering with an email order, please send your full name and item # with a good discription and price. This way your email becomes our pick list. We also reserve the right to limit sales on certain items. We also reserve the right to refuse sales when need so.

All items are ''NOS!''...........This is a Campagnolo listing only, a follow up with other goodies is on the Horizon!! So if you need something from this list until the next listing, please let us know so we can put your goodies aside................Everything is in stock!!

(1) Campagnolo 50t NR chainwheel 144 bcd $ 14.-.

(2) Campagnolo 50t SR chainwheel 144 bcd $ 14.-.

(3) Campagnolo alloy toe clips (S) $ 3.- pp.

(4) Campagnolo alloy toe clips (M) $ 3.- pp.

(5) Capagnolo Victory tubulars rims (Bronze color!) $ 13.- pp.

(6) Campagnolo SR seatpost craddle set, upper and lower (for single bolt!) $ 7.- set.

(7) Campagnolo NR French threaded cup set with lockring $ 7.- set.

(8) Campagnolo NR/GS bb bearings, old packaging $ 7.- set.

(9) Campagnolo spindle bolts and washers $ 5.- set.

(10) Campagnolo NR rear derailleur upper pivot bolt $ 10.- ea.

(11) Campagnolo NR rear derailleur lower pivot bolt $ 10.- ea.

(12) Campagnolo SR brake levers, levers only no body or hardware $12.- ea Please note these are the newer ones with the blank cable anchors.

(13) Campagnolo brake lever bodies, NR/SR/GS bodies only no hardware $ 2.- ea

(14) Campagnolo NR/SR brake center bolt, med for rear standard or front recessed $ 5.- ea.

(15) Campagnolo NR/SR brake center bolt, long for front standard. $ 5.-

(16) Campagnolo (Front!) Tipo axle cones with bearings, take offs (NEW) $ 7.- set.

(17) Campagnolo Gran sport (Front!) QR with flat QR handle $ 7.- ea.

(18) Campagnolo Omega, Hard anodized (Clincher rims!). 32 hole $ 29.- pp. Please note, shipping cost for one set of rims is $ 21.-.

(19) Campagnolo SR BB, English thread 115mm for post '78 $ 140.- only 2 available at this price.

(20) Campagnolo front QR with curved handle $ 10.-.

(21) Campagnolo QR rear 126mm with curved handle $ 10.-

(22) Campagnolo front NR axle, axle only. take offs $ 5.- ea.

(23) Campagnolo GS spindle 115mm for English or French BBs $ 5.- ea. A great user.............For thin cups!!

(24) NR/SR bz-on gear levers $ 10.- set.

(25) NR/SR/GS gear cable set with diamond in the head with ss housing with step-down $ 6.- set! Yeh! I know they were stiff and as some would call them as junkey. Need to do a period correct rebuild then this is it.

This will help pay for that container of bikes!!............Buy a lot!!.........sell a little!!

Regards, BC Baron Corpuz.............And the sleeping gang...........Holland!!..........Time for some ZZZZzzS. Dale!!.................Thanks a bunch!!