Re: [CR]New/Old Campy QR skewer

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From: "Andrew Gillis" <>
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Subject: Re: [CR]New/Old Campy QR skewer
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002 20:57:08 -0800


Yes, the cheaper rods which are completely round at the lever end are a perfect drop in. I think I used a 2000-ish Veloce 130 rear skewer rod to convert a NR front curved lever QR to fit a 130 mm rear NR hub. I did this conversion twice in 2001.

The later/higher model (Record) QR rods I think will also work, but they are not completely cylindrical on the cam end. I vaguely recall testing them and they do fit, but they not identical to the older style, since I think they use an additional tubular metal sleeve (I forget).

I don't know about the rear axle thread interchangibility, but I'd bet on a 99.9% yes.

You can check the official Campy website and look at the spare parts catalogs for the skewers.


Andrew Gillis (Long Beach, CA, with a 2001 Mercian, 130mm rear end, 1982-84 NOS NR parts!)