Re: [CR]Dancing Chain anyone? I have a few for a good home.

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Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 23:47:40 EST
Subject: Re: [CR]Dancing Chain anyone? I have a few for a good home.

Alright all CR'ers,

I've been hoardin, or comment..........

Everybody should have a copy of Frankie's Dancin Chain. For less than the price of one beat up Nuevo Record Rear Mechanism you can have it all, the total history (almost) of anything that kicks the chain back and forth like today's mechanical wonders. All this and much more.

Anyway, $60.00 shipped, first come first serve while stock lasts and I have a few. For the curious it is a book.

I'll be in at the crack of noon as usual tomorrow when we open.

If we run out, we will just cry.

Gilbert "Out of Print" Anderson

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<< Here I am, such a good guy. My significant other asked what I wanted for Christmas and I said "The Dancing Chain". She asked where she could order it from, and I replied that she should order it from a local shop that sponsors book discussions, symposiums and political involvement. I believe in supporting my L(bike)S and L(book)shop They put an order in back in November - December. Last month, I started wondering why they didn't call us to pick up my Christmas present. Just today they call back and relay the message that the book is now out of print.

The publisher , Van Der Plas, is now saying on their web site, that the book is indeed out of print. Cycles De Oro seems not to have a copy ready to send out either. Is anyone willing to sell an extra copy? Any readable condition will be acceptable. As many of you know, my cycle history knowledge is very low considering how much posting, and pontificating I do on this list. Unless you want to continue to hear my rudimentary questions and baseless cycle philosophizing, I suggest you try to help me out.

Garth Libre, essentially ill informed and cyclically illiterate in Surfside Fl.