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Subject: Re: [CR]Need Imron Color for Repaint
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2002 13:52:35 -0500

Hi Lou,

According to my 1985 Dupont Imron Metallics color chart, "Silver Blue Metallic" was # 44716U. However, I believe that Dupont has changed their paint chart numbering system. I cannot guarantee this is a still a valid order number, but after 16 years on this color chart, the paint looks great!

It's too bad that Dupont and other paint manufacturers do not put basic color charts online...

Regards, Steve Neago
Cincinnati, OH

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Subject: [CR]Need Imron Color for Repaint

> I need an Imron color to order a repaint. The color I want is called Ice Blue Metallic on several sites I've seen. I've also seen it called Silver Blue metallic. I don't have access to a color card and couldn't find a link on the net that shows the color with the Imron code. This is for a repaint of a Jim Redcay, so there is classic content. Lou Deeter, Orlando FL