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Subject: Re: [CR]info on Gitanes
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 12:43:27 -0600

Yes, even in the early 70's, Gitane TdF's commonly came with Sugino Mighty cranks and Nuovo Tipo hubs. I bought one equipped like that about 1974.


Jerry Moos

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> The mid 70's Gitane Tour de France came with all sorts of different
> parts. The usual was the "standard" French Simplex Criterium/ Mafac Comp/
> Stronglight93/Normandy Luxe Comp setup, but I remember seeing many with
> Sugino Mighty Comp cranks, Weinmann centerpulls, Nuovo Tipo hubs, and even
> Campy Gran Sport( NOT Nuovo Gran Sport) derailers. 700c clinchers on Weinmann
> rims were also common. I'm speaking of new, unmodified, out of the box bikes.
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