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Subject: Re: [CR]Gitane "Professional Super Corsa"
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I actually have a copy of the early '70s catalog. Martin's description of the Professional Super Corsa is terrific. The pictures are taken from a distance so all of the details still are not that clear. There appears to be a different fork crown on the PSC compared to the TDF. The fork crown on the TDF pictured is exactly like the one on my bike(a TDF). One thing that is not mentioned in the catalog is that the rear brake bridge has the diamond reinforcements. That is an extra touch that I wouldn't expect in this price range. I also thought that the treatment of the stays and forks where they are brazed to the forkends looked a little fancier than the standard rounded models. The catalog states Normandy Luxe Competition Hubs(Campagnolo optional) on the TDF and Campagnolo Record quick release on the PSC. In addition there is the usual "specifications subject to change without notice" disclosure included. That is my $.02.


Jim Narlesky
San Jose, CA

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> Hi Roy and CR List, The top Gitane from sometime in the 60's - early 70's
> was/is called "PROFESSIONAL SUPER CORSA". Mel Pinto Imports (M.P.I. of Falls
> Church,Va.) was the U.S. Importer during the bike boom years for Gitane. A full
> Campagnola equipped PROFESSIONAL SUPER CORSA was definitely available by
> 1970(with French threads and optional Campy Record sidepull brakeset).Dropouts
> were also Campagnola on the Reynolds 531 frameset with Reynolds decal in
> French. Brooks Professional leather saddle with Campagnola seatpin, and Pivo
> bars and stem.The Gitane "Professional" frame has a brazed fitting for
> center-pull brakes on the rear seat stays since the side pull brakes were only
> an OPTION. The foil decal that says PROFESSIONAL SUPER CORSA is often missing
> or removed from many Gitanes of this time frame. The foil decal only measures
> 1/4'' X 3 1/2" which says PROFESSIONAL SUPER CORSA. I would love to get a copy
> of a Gitane catalog late 60's - early 70's. Yours truly, Martin Walsh in
> Vienna,Va. USA
> "Roy H. Drinkwater" wrote:
> > >I had several Gitane Tour de France bikes. They all came equiped with 531
> > >frames, Stronglight, Mafac and Simplex components--no Campy. There was
> > >another, more expensive, model in their product line ( I don't recall it's
> > >name) that had Campy components.
> >
> > John Quigley told me that it was the "Super Corsa" model that
> > had the Campagnolo parts.
> >
> > Roy wanted one in '72" Drinkwater
> > Lititz, PA