Re: [CR]Peanut Butter Wrench and Early SR Crank Bolts

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From: "Ed Braley" <>
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Subject: Re: [CR]Peanut Butter Wrench and Early SR Crank Bolts
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 21:11:28 -0500

The crank puller thread diameter shouldn't be variable, and the peanut butter wrench wall thick ness should not be a problem.

Did someone put 16mm head Stronglight crank bolts in that thing?

Ed Braley
Falmouth, Maine

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From: "Bingham, Wayne R."
Sent: Wednesday, February 27, 2002 7:35 PM
Subject: RE: [CR]Peanut Butter Wrench and Early SR Crank Bolts

> Steve Freides wrote:
> >It seems like the walls of the socket are just
> >a little too thick
> and Paulie Davis wrote:
> >>I have had exactly this problem too. I have ordered Snap-On sockets,
> tried
> Sears too, and even bought the peanut butter wrench, all to no avail.<<
> I got to thinking about this, since I couldn't recall it really being a
> problem, particularly with Campy cranks. Not to get too anal about it, but
> I did a little quick measuring of the options I have in the shop and this is
> what I found:
> Campy NR 3-in-diamond crank arm retainer-bolt opening = 20.7 mm
> Craftsman 12 point 15 mm socket, outside diameter (OD) = 20.2 mm
> Park CCW-4 double-ended 14/15 mm ratcheting box-end wrench, 15 mm end (OD) =
> 20.4 mm
> Ofmega "peanut butter" wrench, 15 mm (OD) = 20.1 mm
> So even in my limited research, I have three options that work.
> Is this a common problem others have encountered? I seem to recall having
> the problem with other cranksets, but not Campy. Is it possible that there
> could be that much difference from crank to crank?
> Wayne Bingham
> Cold Falls Church VA