RE: [CR]Peanut Butter Wrench and Early SR Crank Bolts

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Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 21:43:28 -0500
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Subject: RE: [CR]Peanut Butter Wrench and Early SR Crank Bolts

Wayne Bingham wrote:
>I got to thinking about this, since I couldn't recall it really being a
>problem, particularly with Campy cranks. Not to get too anal about it, but
>I did a little quick measuring of the options I have in the shop and this is
>what I found:
>Campy NR 3-in-diamond crank arm retainer-bolt opening = 20.7 mm
>Craftsman 12 point 15 mm socket, outside diameter (OD) = 20.2 mm
>Park CCW-4 double-ended 14/15 mm ratcheting box-end wrench, 15 mm end (OD) =
>20.4 mm
>Ofmega "peanut butter" wrench, 15 mm (OD) = 20.1 mm
>So even in my limited research, I have three options that work.
>Is this a common problem others have encountered? I seem to recall having
>the problem with other cranksets, but not Campy. Is it possible that there
>could be that much difference from crank to crank?

The really nasty situation is Zeus. They used the same 22 mm extractor threads as Camagnolo and its other imitators, but used a 16 mm bolt head, a la Stronglight. (Stronglight used a 23 mm extractor thread, so clearance wasnt too much of a problem.)

I've got a friend who found himself seriously in the soup when a vandal stole his wedge bag containing the irreplaceable Zeus 16 mm pate wrench.

FWIS, my Snap-On 6-point 3/8" drive 15 mm socket is 20.38.

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