RE: [CR]Fw: [OBRA Chat] FS: NOS 151 road ring

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From: "Mark Bulgier" <>
To: 'feldman' <>,
Subject: RE: [CR]Fw: [OBRA Chat] FS: NOS 151 road ring
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 23:02:40 -0800

David Feldman passed along someone else's for-sale notice:
> > NEW old style 151 Shimano road chain ring (3/32 pitch) - 50 teeth,

Shimano made 151mm road rings? That doesn't sound right to me, can anyone confirm? I know they made 151 track rings, and maybe even track rings for road chain (3/32" wide, not pitch), but an actual road ring? Oldest Shimano road cranks I've seen were 144mm. If true, it's a rare part, no?

Not earth-shattering either way, I'm just curious.

Mark Bulgier
Seattle, Wa