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From: "John Everett" <>
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Date: Mon, 6 May 2002 08:18:46 -0500
Subject: Re: [CR]celebrity cyclists???
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On 5 May 2002 at 20:10, nelson miller wrote:
> Group-- My son-in-law, Chris Hughes, was the drummer for a group called "Adam Ant" or something (If it's not Beethoven,I don't understand it). -- He grew up riding a Freddie Grubb Path racer with a fixed gear. I am currently fixing it up for him with an ASC hub to help his aging body adapt. His father had a Hetchins. His buddy Peter Gabriel has a vintage machine in his studio that he has invited me to look at, but I have never made it over to see it.. don't know if these guys are in the celeb. catagory or not... :-) Nelson Miller-- Seattle

A quick Google search for "Chris Hughes" turns up:

So he's a semi-celebity. Peter Gabriel however is the genuine article. (John V. Everett)