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Date: Wed, 8 May 2002 06:31:51 -0700 (PDT)
From: Tom Dalton <>
Subject: Re: [CR]re: Campagnolo vs Suntour
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>Cyclone derailleurs weighed less, shifted better, and were equally sturdy. The only reason I use >NR ders at all (and I have plenty, like we all do)....

Although I have six SR's I don't own a single NR...
>It always seemed a little weird to me that winning was less important than the parts people rode >on, but things seem to have been that way...that's always been a mystery to me--

Perhaps it is the parts people ride on that have little to do with winning or loosing. Riders can ride what they are given to ride without substantial fear that they will loose to a guy with a better rear derailleur, for example.
>and don't someone feed me that stupid reductio that since the pro peleton didn't use Cyclone, the >thing couldn't have been as good as Campagnolo; that's bull, and we all know it.

While you can't say that "Campy rules" because that's what the pros used, there are some things that you can tell by their equipment choices. When pro riders used some sponsor's part that was not the newest of the top-of-the-line, it was usually a deliberate choice. (Delta's vs. Cobaltos, single vs. double pivot calipers, SR vs NR posts....)

Tom Dalton Bethlehem, PA