[CR]1930s/40s HURTU tandem FOR SALE $99

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To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Date: Fri, 10 May 2002 18:11:27 -0400
From: Mario Girasa <oldbike8538@juno.com>
Subject: [CR]1930s/40s HURTU tandem FOR SALE $99

Yes, $99. There are no zeros missing, just ninety-nine dollars. You get a 1930s/40 Hurtu tandem frameset, as pictured in "The Dancing Chain". This is frame/fork and oversized headset only. UPS oversized shipping additional (coast to coast about $53, less for smaller distance). The Hurtu has proprietary tubing which ovals-out near the BB shells. Also, the "top-tube" is actually two very long thin tubes that also serve as the seatstays. They start at the headtube and swim back all the way to the rear dropouts ! This is a 26B type tandem. The original 26B Maxicar low-flange wheels, built on Rigida Deco steel rims, with one Wolber Super Randonneur original tire, are available for an extra $50 for the pair. The chrome on the Maxicars is rusted and so are the rims. However, engravings are nice on both the rims and hubs and a re-chrome will do them great ! Actually, I would stop at the Nickel stage, since, from looking at my 1930s "Cycles Rexor" catalog, the Rigida Deco rim was originally spec'd as Nickel with a black enamel center-stripe. And ... if you would like the original Acier Diamant cranks and BBs (no idea of BB manufacturer, since I haven't taken the cranks off yet), They will be left in place for an additional $90 (that's a good price !). These Acier Diamant cranks have been "Palmerized", which means they received some sort of black metallic treatment, so that they are "black-looking". At some point, somebody took silver paint to the cranks. Diligent polishing of a small section revealed the unusual black finish. There's definitely a need for elbow grease here. The cranks are not "true" tandem cranks, in that they are 2 sets of regular road cranks, with a third ring on the rear crank providing synchronization with a single ring on the front crank. The arms are fluted, beveled and thin and elegant and high quality. So, if you only needed these cranks, you could use them on two separate 1930s road bikes ! The $90 price takes into account the fact that I don't have to labor the removal of the cranks and BBs. Oh, regarding the condition of the frameset, it's original paint and pinstriping is oxidized but in astonishing condition. There appears to not be any nicks at all to the paint. My guess is that this is some sort of industrial or aircraft paint, because it has a greyish-greenish military color to it. The fork crown is an astonishing double-plated beauty. A single "comic-book-style" decal (or stencilling) appears on the downtube, and there is a sweet headbadge. Real nice. Oh, the size. It's tough to take a straight "center-to-center" measurement because of the strange tubing and construction, however my best approximation is 56/53. cheers Mario Girasa, Cambridge, MA