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My first "real" bike was a Geminiani 15-speed bought at Hal's Bike and Hobby at the Claremont Quad in San Diego around 1963 when I was in the 8th grade. I was a member of AYH and rode that bike on a number of the 50 and 75 mile qualification rides that originated at La Jolla junction. Even by the day's standards, it was nowhere near the level of the Special. The deraillieur was Huret, the cranks were steel cottered, the brakes were Mafac center-pulls, and the high flange wheels were held on with butterfly nuts. Mine was red and the tops of the tubes gradually faded out to pink from exposure to the sun. As I recall, the fork ends, the rear dropouts and about half the stays were chrome plated as was the center panel of the seat tube.

Clark Dimond
Oriental, NC

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I have become the latest caretaker of a 1958 Raphael Geminiani "Special" frame, and I plan to build it up. The paint and decals are good but the chrome is shot. To refinish or not, big decision, one I won't make in a hurry.

My question is how long were these bikes built and who built them, how many models were there. the frame has Campy drop outs and came with Campy running gear originally. I have seen photos French racing bikes with a mix of Italian and French parts, which seems odd.

Thanks in advance

Jim McCoin

Fremont Ca.