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Date: Mon, 02 Sep 2002 08:28:50 -0700
From: Brian Baylis <>
To: Rick and Freddi <>
Subject: Re: [CR]new member list + Arabesque ???'s
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Regarding the chrome on your Colnago; it is not possible to rechrome the lugs without a complete repaint. Apparently people think only the lugs can be dipped; that is not so. If the original paint and decals are intack you have yourself a geniune dilemma. Too bad Italian classics so often have flash chrome on such nice bikes. A skillfull painter could paint just the lugs a contrasting color or something; but that isn't original at all. Don't know what to tell you on this one. If I saw the bike I might have a better idea; but this problem is difficult.

Brian Baylis La Mesa, CA
> Hi CR,
> I have been "monitoring" the CR discussions for a couple of weeks. I have been
> absorbing great quantities of useful information. Thanks.
> Stats:
> 50-ish and gray.
> Started riding a long time ago. Still remember the joys and adventures of my first
> solo bike ride into the country.
> Bike size: 56 to 58 cm; 57 C-T is optimal
> Bikes I use to own:
> late 50-ish Schwinn Stingray
> 60-ish Raleigh 3 speed
> 1975 Motobecane Grand Record (wish I still had it!)
> 1978 Fuji (don't remember model-but cheap Fuji's were forgettable)
> Currently:
> 1973-4 Pinarello Treviso (not built)
> 1975-6 Masi GC # 672; 58 cm; Repainted by Jim C. at Cyclart in the mid 80's; At the
> time, the original owner had cable guides and FD hanger installed; Chrome fork;
> British racing green with chrome rear triangle.
> early 80's Colnago Super 56 cm (not built)
> early 80's Ciocc 49 cm (better half's)
> 80's Colnago Arabesque (more on this later) 56 cm
> Off topic:
> 90's Colnago Master SLX Conic 57 cm
> 1997 Bianchi San Remo 57 cm
> 1999 Rocky Mtn Thin Air MTB 17.5"
> On the Arabesque,
> This was purely luck. I had been pursuing a 56-57 cm Master with Gilco tubing for
> quite some time. On eBay, a couple of months ago there was a guy listing a Colnago
> Master bike with chrome lugs and "hex tubing". The bike didn't sell for his
> reserve. I contacted him after the auction for more details and pix. He didn't
> have a digi camera or scanner. He provide little extra information about the
> lugwork,etc. To make a long story short, we finally worked out a deal. Imagine
> my shock when I opened the box and here was the ornate Arabesque lugwork adorning
> the bike.
> The bike had been repainted powder blue (very nicely) by Rainbow Cycles in Colo. I
> don't think most of the decals are period-correct, at least from looking at the
> available pix on the net. The bike has the "Regal" painted on the top tube. I
> contacted the seller about this Regal lettering and he mentioned that the Colnago
> was an original Enrico Regal that was built especially for Enrico, AND that he use
> to ride with Merckx (uh, huh!). Well, I sent an email to EM not expecting a
> response. By golly, EM responded (or at least someone from his shop did)-never
> heard of Enrico. This wasn't a surprise.
> Now for the bad new----- prior to the respray, the bike had been stored in moist
> conditions and the lugwork was covered with surface rust. The lower chrome fork had
> some pitting. The seller failed to mention this. So, I taped off the lugwork and
> took steel wool and chrome polish to remove most of the surface rust but there's
> still some light pitting and tight spots that were hard to get to.
> Questions on this bike:
> 1) Are there any companies that would undertake restoring the lugwork or
> suggestions on my restoring the lugwork back to it's full glory?
> 2) What years were Arabesque's manufactured (besides 1983)? I checked the net and
> not much is available or least when I search on Arabesque.
> 3) How many were made?
> 4) How many are still around?
> Any additional information would be appreciated.


> Rick Robbins

> Ada, Ohio