[CR]Newbie Mondia Questions

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Date: 1 Sep 2002 11:28:23 -0500
From: "Jim Plaugher" <plaugher@avalon.net>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]Newbie Mondia Questions

Greetings, I decided to subscribe to subscribe to the list to learn more about the bikes I used to have and possibly get help in fixing or restoring an older road bike. The bike I've neen riding for 17 years is a highend commuter bike. It is a lugged frame 84 Mt. Fuji set up with fenders, Carradice bag, Suntour and Phil Wood parts. I originally bought it while living on a gravel road in rural Iowa. The bike I sold to buy the Fuji was a late 60's Mondia (Special?). It had Reynolds 531 DB tubing. Campy NR components with MAFAC brakes and Weinmann brake quick releases. It was a large frame bike with a long top tube. The seat tube had a more relaxed angle than the head tube. It was unusual for a Mondia since it was painted only one color! The metallic tangerine color did fade into to the chrome dropouts, and there was pinstriping. Anyway, I've become interested in getting an older road bike. It doesn't have to be as practical or rugged as my commuter bike. Maybe it will be a lot faster, certainly it will be lighter. My brother has offered me a "Super Mondia" that has been repainted (though there is still rust). It has a Stronglight crank and Universal sidepull brakes. Campy DT shifters and derailleurs. Wheels are not original. My questions: Is anybody here familiar with the different models made by Mondia. Could you place this one in the scheme of things? Any sources on the internet, or books about Mondia's history? Lastly,I understood this Swiss company used a mixture of threads. Are most of the threads French? Thanks for your help!

Jim Plaugher
Iowa City