Re: [CR]Colnago ebay outing

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Date: Sun, 01 Sep 2002 19:44:55 -0700
From: Brian Baylis <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Colnago ebay outing
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That bike is 1972 as far as I can tell. Can't be '73 with the two holes on the crown sides. Two holes and the club engraved is 1972 only from the original bikes I've seen. Also the panel on the seat tube seems common on '72 and not on other years. The graphics are correct (imagine that!). The "wreath" style seat tube decal appears in '73. Someone did do a good job on that one. Who the heck goes around doing nice period correct repaints and not defacing them with paint decals? Notice that no one is confused as to wheather it is a repaint or not and yet it has no decal claiming credit for it. If I were looking to buy such a bike I'd want no decal from a painter on it. BTW, that one is not my work as far as I know; but some painter deserves to be applauded for both a good job and having enough respect for the bike and it's potential owners to leave the "paint by" decal off. I also applaude the seller for not trying to "pull a fast one" by claiming it is original paint and giving a detailed describtion of the bike without any dog and pony show whatsoever. Whoever these people are, I like them. We need more like this in my opinion.

Brian Baylis La Mesa, CA

> Nice old Colnago on ebay. If that's a repaint, it's very authentic. Nice
> bike, far as I can see. Too tall for moi.
> Charles "took a real good swing at that old black UK Cinelli on ebay today,
> but someone wanted it more than I did. WAAAAAAHHHHHH." Andrews
> baking in SoCal