Re: [CR]Kovacs/Major Nichols Finale

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Date: Wed, 04 Sep 2002 22:33:01 -0700
From: Chuck Schmidt <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Kovacs/Major Nichols Finale
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Stevan Thomas wrote:
> Ebay informed me the other day that I won my fraud complaint against Franc
> Kovacs in the Major Nichols frameset transaction. They make a point of NOT
> telling you what they did to the other party as punishment, but he is
> currently not a registered user so it looks like he has some kind of
> suspension. If you check his feedback profile under: frankjuliek my negative
> feedback is the last one there. I am getting some money from the insurance
> program (the limit is $200) and am passing the project on to another list
> member who expressed an interest when I put it on ebay with an accurate
> description.

A suspension on eBay is meaningless if you are a dishonest person. They (the dishonest person) just comes back on eBay with a new account under another alias.

The fear of suspension would only effect the honest dealer; the dishonest dealer doesn't care. Catch 22...

Chuck "eBay i.d. velo-retro (1631), no neutrals, no negatives" Schmidt SoPas, SoCal