[CR]French parts now with prices

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Thread-Topic: French parts now with prices
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From: "Johan Ericson" <johan.ericson@logicoffice.se>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR]French parts now with prices
Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2002 15:23:49 +0200

I start with an appology for beeing such a troublemaker. It was not my intent. I recived a mail from Dale where he told me to put out a new list with prices or he would take me off the list. From all the mails I have got I can now do that (I hope I have got the prices OK)

Here it is and it is also somewhat revised in its contents.

For francophiles French touring- and racer parts.

1 pair of cranks, Stronglight 99, 175 mm, 30-40-50. Mounted but not ridden, silver anodized. 80 USD 2 pairs of pedals, Maillard 700, team issue. NOS, NIP (two different models - normal "cage" and "anatomic"?). 50 USD each pair 1 pair of hubs, Maillard 700 (Mavic?), team issue. NOS (NIP but torn) low flange, 36 hole. 75 USD 1 Huret Duopar derr. NOS, NIP (brown paper bag with printing), steel - not titanium. 50 USD 1 Simplex front derr for trippel. Mounted but not ridden. 20 USD 1 Idealé 45, saddle. Perfect but shopworn. 100 USD 1 Atax bar, goldanodized, ca 420 mm. 30 USD 1 Atax stemm, ca 110 mm. 20 USD 1 pair of CLB 2 brakes, NOS but with grey Modolo block holders. 80 USD 1 pair CLB brakes, "Spaceline", brown anodized.NOS, aero levers with black hoods included but no wires 180 USD 3 pairs of Macfac "Racer" brakes. Complete - brakes, levers, wires and "halfhoods", NOS, NIP. White hoods 50 USD each set 1 pair of Mafac "Competition", complete as above, NOS, NIP, decaled "competition" - not stamped 70 USD 1 CLB, 85g wireset, transparent green, NOS, NIP. 20 USD

And two for latino lovers!

1 bar, engraved "Benotto", NOS. Ca 400 mm 20 USD 1 Galli chainwheel, 52, gold anodized, NOS, same looks as SR. 25 USD

All prices excluding shipping

Stockholm, Sweden